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Wilson County, Tennessee Genealogical Resource Material, 1827-1869.


By: Thomas Partlow, Pub. 1997, Reprinted 2018, 358 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-524-3.

Wilson County is a pivotal county in the early settlement of Tennessee and in the subsequent migration of people westward. It is surrounded by the counties of: Cannon, DeKalb, Rutherford, Smith and Sumner. Wilson County records date back to the separation of the county from Sumner County in 1799. The records at the courthouse are probably as complete as any records to be found. This book is a companion book for the other books that have been done on Wilson County, covering the 1800’s It primarily covers the period from 1827 to 1869. However, it does include events prior to 1827 and past 1869. This book is unique in that some of the records are in private hands and are not available to the public at large: in particular, the Chancery Court Records and the Tax Lists.  The records contained in this book are: Power of Attorney Receipts, Fall Creek Baptist Church Minutes, Circuit Court Receipts 1849-1858, Circuit Court Minutes 1851-1860, Chancery Court Minutes 1834-1839, Tax Lists 1827-1829. The Tax lists are of particular value, in that they provide a county census for the years covered.