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Williamson County, TN. Marriage Records, 1800-1850.


By: Wilena Roberts BeJach, Pub. 1957, Reprinted 2018, 296 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-909-5.

Williamson County was formed in 1799 from Davidson County, and until 1804 it extended to the Alabama line.  Later counties cut out of this original Williamson County were: Bedford, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Rutherford, and Giles.  This book contains over 5,000 marriages.  All of which were copied from the original bonds and licenses.  During this time frame, various factors such as: bad roads, long distances from courthouse, and weather would cause clergymen or justices of the peace who performed the ceremonies not to record the rites solemnized by them.  Hence, we often find the bond but not the return by the official.