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Washington County, Georgia, History of.


By: Ella Mitchell, Orig. pub. 1924, reprinted 2000, 172 pages plus New Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-730-0.

Washington County was created in 1784, for the purpose of rewarding the Patriots in defense of Georgia. These Patriots were not only from Georgia, but the Carolinas, Virginia, and even men direct from Ireland and Scotland. This county was carved out of Liberty County, GA. and was once the parent county of Chandler, Emanuel, Greene, Hancock, Johnson, Laurens, Montgomery, Tattnal, Treutlen, and Toombs counties.  This book is not too different from other history books of its kind, as it discusses the usual topics, such as the information of the county, agriculture, education, commerce, slavery, the men who served in various wars, etc.... Of special note, the reader will discover that the author has interspersed this book with numerous biographical sketches of these early settlers.