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Upson County, Georgia, The Early History of.


By: C.W. Nottingham & E. Hannah, Orig. Pub. 1930, reprinted 1999, 1122 pages, New Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-029-2.

Upson County was created in 1824 from Crawford and Pike Counties, GA. and was a major seat of migration of settlers moving across Georgia into the southwest part of Georgia and into that lower part of Alabama bordering the Chattahoochee River. The book contains the names of approximately 40,000 individuals. The contents of this book are: early history of the county; a listing of fortunate drawers in the Land Lotteries of 1820, and 1821; persons living in Upson County who drew land in the 1827, 1832 Cherokee and 1832 Gold Lotteries of GA.; the 1830 Census of Upson; some Revolutionary War veterans living in the county; first public roads; Marriage records for the years 1825-1850; brief abstracts of Wills, 1825-1865; some early Deed records; Church histories with memberships and cemetery records and numerous Bible records of early pioneer families; the founding of Thomaston in 1825; the 1850 Census of Upson Co. listing not only the head of household, but each family member, age, place of birth, etc.; lists of Civil War regiments and companies; newspapers; industries and civic leaders; history of medical profession and biographical sketches of many of the early doctors. Also, of very special interest to the genealogists, the author has place numerous biographical sketches within this book of many of the pioneer families of Upson County.