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Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia, Genealogical and Personal History of. (Volume #2)

By: James Morton Callahan, Pub. 1912, Reprinted 2019, 618 pages, ISBN #0-89308-953-2.

Monongah Valley lies in the northern portion of the state of West Virginia boarding Pennsylvania.  The counties of: Marion and Monongalia lie with in its boundaries.  Monongalia County was created in 1776 from Augusta County, VA.  From it the following counties were created:  Barbour, Harrison, Lewis, Marion, Preston, Randolph, Taylor and Upshur and they too are represented in these Genealogical Sketches of its early settlers: Alexander, Allen (3), Allender, Amos, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnett (3), Atchison, Avis, Bailey (3), Bardett, Barncord, Bartlett, Beaty, Bentley, Black (2), Blackshere, Bland, Boso, Bovers (2), Bowman, Brand (3), Brandon, Brown, Brownfield, Bumgardner, Callahan, Carder, Carpenter, Carr, Carter (2), Casselberry, Church, Clark (2), Clifford, Coffman (3), Cole, Conaway, Conley, Conrad, Corley, Cox, Cunningham, Cure, Davis (11), DeBolt, Demain (2), Despard, Doheny, Douthat, Dudley, Duff, Duncan, Dunnington, Durrett, Dye, Edmondson, Elder, Ernst, Evans, Ferry, Flanagan, Fleming (2), Finly, Finnell, Fisher (2), Fitch, Gaston, Glancy, Gordon (2), Grant (2), Green, Gregg (2), Hale, Hall, Halterman, Harmer, Harr, Hatfield, Hartley, Hawkins, Hayden, Hayes, Haymond, (3), Haynes, Hefner, Heinze, Hennen (2), Henry, Highland, Higinbotham (2), Hite, Hodges, Holden, Holland, Hough, Howard (2), Huffman,  Hughes, Hursley, Irvin, Jackson, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones (3), Kelley, Keller, Kessler, Kincaid, King, Koblegard, Langfitt, Latham, Lazear, Lazier, Leps, Lewis, Lightburn, Lilley, Lane, Leonard, Lockwood, Lough, Loving, Lowe, Lucas, Lyon, Madeira, Maloy, Manown, Martin, Mathers, Maxwell, McClelland, McDaniel, McDonald, McGregor, McGrew,  McGuire, McIntire, McNeely, McVicker, Meredith (2), Miller, Mitchell, Moore (3), Moreland, Morgan (2), Morrison, Mumford, Musgrave, Newcomb, Newlon, Nichols, Nutter, Offner, Ogden (2), Orr, Parkes, Payne, Peck, Perine, Phillips, Pickenpaugh, Post, Potter (2), Powell, Price (2), Race, Rainey, Reed (2), Robinson, Rogers (2), Rohrbough, Rosier, Ruhl, Rumbaugh, Schwaner, Schwenck, Shaw, Shinn, Short, Sivey, Skidmore, Smith (5), Smoot, Snider, Snyder, Southern, Steel, Steele, Stewart, Stockert, Stockton, Strosnider, Stuart, Supler, Swiger (3), Swisher, Tate, Thorn, Thomas, Vandervort, Vance, Walker, Ward, Warman, Washington, Watson, Wendel, Wiedebusch, White (3), Whitehill, Whiteman, Whitescarver, Williams (3), Wood, Yeager, and Young.