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Twiggs County, Georgia, History of.


By: J. Lanette O. Faulk & Billy Walker Jones, Orig. Pub. 1960, Reprinted 2017, 486 pages, soft Cover, ISBN #0-89308-009-8.

This long-awaited reprint of this central Georgia county history book should make many a researcher very happy. This book is a genealogical gem of a book. It is filled with a wide variety of information such as: early history, Indian affairs, roster of soldiers from the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War I & II, abstracts of tax Digest for 1818-1826-1853, abstracts of deeds 1809-1900, abstracts of deeds from other Index Books to 1901, abstracts of Wills, Newspaper abstracts, Cemeteries inscriptions for some 45 different cemeteries, Land lottery - Wilkinson County 1805 (now Twiggs). The authors did not stop there. They also added biographical sketches / genealogies of approx. 66 early settlers of this important county.