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The Scotch-Irish and their First Settlements on the Tyger River and other neighboring precincts in South Carolina

By: George Howe, Orig. Pub. 1861, Reprinted, 2020, 36 pages, New Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-465-4.  Dr. Howe gives a brief recount of the people who moved from Scotland to Ireland and hence to Pennsylvania and South Carolina.  The major families of Lancaster, Union and Spartanburg Districts of that migration are mentioned, as well as their activities in the Revolution.  Some of the ministers and dates of establishments of the Presbyterian churches are given, which makes this an excellent general history.  An Index has been added for easy reference.  Some surnames in this Index are: Alexander, Allison, Anderson, Barry, Bay, Beaty, Brandon, Brown, Caldwell, Calhoun, Clowney, Collins, Creswell, Cunningham, Davies, Davis, Dickinson, Dillard, Dodd, Edwards, Ferguson, Fuller, Fulton, Gaston, Gilleland, Hamilton, Hammond, Hughs, Jamison, Jolly, Kennedy, Kershaw, Knox, Lewis, McAden, McCreary, McElhenny, McIlwaine, Martin, Miller, Norton, Orr, Otterson, Patton, Pearson, Peden, Ramsay, Richardson, Simpson, Snoddy, Storey, Summer, Tate, Templeton, Tennent, Thomas, Thompson, Vance, Waddel, Williams, Wilson, Wood, and Young.