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The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1625-1812.

By: N.S. C.D. in the state of VA., Pub. 1897, Reprinted 2019, 360 pages, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-631-2.

Middlesex County was created in 1669 from Lancaster County and parish.  Sometime before 1666 that parish was divided into two portions, separated by the Rappahannock River and the new parishes were names Lancaster and Pyanketank.  In 1666, they were reunited under the name Lancaster, but a few years later were again separated and acquired the organization which they retained through the colonial period as Christ Church, Lancaster and Christ Church, Middlesex.
     Middlesex County did suffer some loss of legal records but did not as the result of the Civil War.  Information to be found within this book: Burials & deaths, births & christenings, marriages and births of slaves naming mother and owners’ name.  This new reprint has a NEW INDEX that not only mention approximately 33,000 persons but 4,000 slaves that are grouped alphabetically under their owner’s names for ease of research in a new Errata section in the rear.