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The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio


By: Frank D. Henderson, Pub. 1929, reprinted 2022, 463 pages, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-046-6. This book is an authentic and complete list of Revolutionary soldiers that were buried in the state of Ohio. The large numbers of Revolutionary soldiers buried here can be directly associated to the proximity of this Northwestern Territory to the Colonies themselves. When the land grants were issued, the New Englanders moved into regions around Lake Erie, the large numbers of Pennsylvanians crossed over into central Ohio and the Virginians and the Carolinians settled lands in the southern part of Ohio. Information that can be gleamed from within: Name, rank, service location and record, Names of family members, pension date, date of death, county buried in, residence prior to revolution, occupation and other tidbits of genealogical information.