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The Magna Charta Barons and their American Descendants


By: Charles H. Browning, Pub. 1898, reprinted 2022, 463 pages, index soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-066-4. For Americans claiming lineal descent from the Magna Charta Barons, this is the book. This book follows the pedigrees of the founders and members of the Order of Runnemede up to 1898. The bulk of this work follows the pedigrees of these founders. It is followed up by a history of the Magna Charta of 1215; by lists of the Magna Charta Barons; and by biographies of the Sureties who were the twenty-five barons designated to enforce the Magna Charta. Founders, for whom pedigrees are given, are as follows: Ballord, Betts, Bigelow, Bispham, Bleecker, Browning, Bulkeley, Cadwalader, Darling, Earle, Fleete, Greene, Griffith, Hancock, Lawrence, Lawton, Lee, Lyman, Marsh, Parsons, Pomeroy, Richardson, Riker, Saltonstall, Schieffelin, Spotswood, Terry, Throckmorton, Waddell, Ward, Whitney, and Winston.