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The History of Taxation in North Carolina during the Colonial Period, 1663-1776


By: Coralie Parker, Pub. 1928, reprinted 2022, 190 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-085-5.

This book is a comprehensive history of taxation within the state of North Carolina covering the policies of England all the way thru Independence in 1776. The reader will find topics on: English Trade & Navigation; English customs and Revenue systems; Direct & Local Taxes in England; QUIT-RENTS, its history, its administration, its fiscal Importance and its significance; CUSTOMS DUTIES, Types and Purposes of Customs Levied in the State, Export Tax on Tobacco and Hides, Import Duties on Liquors and Rice, Tonnage Duties; POLL TAX, its advent, description and basis of it; LAND and MISCELLANEOUS TAXES, the Land Tax, Tax on Lawsuits, License Taxes, Lotteries; and LOCAL TAXES, authority and Influence of the Local System, and the Parrish Levies.