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The History of Halifax County, North Carolina

By: W C  Allen, Pub. 1918, Reprinted 2019, 312 pages, NEW INDEX, ISBN #0-89308-491-3.

Halifax County is in the northern part of N.C. within 6 miles of the Virginia line and it adjoins the Tar River and Roanoke River. It borders Martin and Warren counties. Edgecombe County was formed in 1738 and from it a few years later Halifax County was formed in 1758. Part one of this book deals with the information of the county, Revolutionary War activities and general history. Part two is titled “Builders of the County” and is primarily concerned with Biographical sketches of many of the early citizens, namely: Allen, Alston, Ashe, Bradford, Brance, Branch, Burton, Bynum, Conigland, Daniel, Davis, Emry, Haywood, Hill, Hodge, Hogan, Jones, Joyner, Long, Lynch, Moore, Montford, Parker, Potter, Shaw, Smith, Weldon, Whitaker, & many other pioneer settlers...