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The Great Historic Families of Scotland, Volume #1


By: James Taylor, Pub. 1889, Reprinted 2024, 420 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-220-0.  This set of books should be well received as a reprint for the genealogists, family historian or historian.  This volume #1 traces the earliest recorded origins of the following Scottish families up to the 19th Century: the Ancient Earldom of Mar, the Earldom of Menteith, the Douglases, the Angus Douglases, the Keiths, the Setons, the Ruthvens, the Crichtons, the Mackenzies (2), the Hamiltons, the Hamilton-Douglases, the Campbells (4), the Leslies (4), the Ramsays, the Maules, the Lauderdale Maitlnds, the Homes and the Marchmont Humes.  These historic families have grown prolifically over time and have added much to the development and history of the American colonies.