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The Centennial History of Arkansas. (Volume #2)


By: Dallas T. Herndon, Pub. 1922, Reprinted 2019, 1058 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-069-1.

When Dallas T. Herndon became Secretary of Arkansas History Commission in 1911, he began to "realize that the state had no history that could be relied upon as authentic," although several state histories had been published, but whose authors did not have access to reliable sources of information.  "With more and more people seeking information on the state, which often required hours and even days of research," Mr. Herndon in the Fall of 1920 entered into arrangements to begin work toward the publication of this three volume series.

     The Centennial History is divided into three volumes.  Volume #1 is concerned with the history of Arkansas from its earliest beginnings and is divided into seven major parts, beginning with the Indians, explorers, French and Spanish domination, etc. and continuing with Arkansas as a Territory, pioneer life, customs and final admission into the Union.  In these seven major headings will also be found sections dealing with the Political History, Industrial History, Education, Military (the War with Mexico, Civil War, Reconstruction, etc.) and Local History, which is concerned with the formation of the counties, county officers, population, cities and towns, etc.

     Volumes #2 and #3 of this series contains Biographical Sketches of Prominent leaders and individuals in Arkansas up through the year 1922.  As with Goodspeed Histories, it should be noted that these sketches contain a vast storehouse of family history and primary genealogical source material for the person with Arkansas "Roots."  Many of these sketches also carry these family histories back into the early 1880's and some instances to the late 1790's.  This Volume #2 has approximately 1,200 Biographical sketches of these persons from ALL over the state of Arkansas.

Surnames of Biographees: Adams (4), Albin, Alcorn, Alewine, Alexander (3), Alford, Allen (3), Alley, Allyn, Alphin, Ambrose (2), Anderson (3), Andrews, Anthony, Appleby, Archer, Arkebauer, Armistead (2), Armstrong, Asher, Ashton, Avery, Axtell, Babcock, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Banks (2), Barber, Barham, Barker, Barlow (3), Barnett (2), Bartlett, Barton, Basham, Bates (3), Baudino, Bauerlein, Baumgartner, Baxter (2), Beal, Beall , Bean, Beasley (2), Bauechamp, Beaumont, Beeson, Beitler, Belding, Belknap, Bell (3), Bennett, Benning, Berry (2), Berryman, Berson, Bethell, Biard, Biles, Bird, Bishop, Black (2), Blackburn, Blacklock, Blackmer, Blair, Blakemore, Bland, Bledsoe, Bloom, Blount (2), Bloyed, Bluthenthal, Boatright, Boden, Boggs, Boles, Bollinger, Bond, Booe, Bourland, Bowers, Bowman, Boyle, Bray, Breathwit, Brewer, Brewster (2), Brickhouse, Bridges, Bright, Brizzolara, Brock, Brodie, Brogdon, Brooke, Brooks, Brough (2), Brown (6), Bryan, Buchanan (2), Buell, Buerkle, Bullock (2), Bunch (2), Bundy, Bungart, Burgess, Burks (2), Burns, Burrow (2), Bush, Butcher, Butler (3), Butt, Buzbee, Byrd, Byrne, Byrnes, Cady, Callahan, Callen (2), Camerson, Campbell (3), Cannon (2), Caplinger, Cargile, Carnall, Carpenter, Carroll (2), Carruth (2), Carruthers, Carson, Carter (2), Caruth, Castleberry (3), Castling, Cathey, Chadwick, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chaney, Chappell, Chavis, Chew, Chrisp, Clark (2), Clarke (2), Clegg, Clements, Clemmer, Cleveland, Clifford, Cloninger, Coate, Coates, Cochran (2), Cockrill, Cohen, Collier, Collman, Colquitt (2), Colvert, Combs, Comstock, Condrey, Conley, Conway, Cook, Coontz, Cooper, Cordell, Couch (2), Covey, Cowan, Cowger, Cowne, Cox, Coyle, Craig (2), Crandall, Crawford, Creason, Crill, Cross, Crow, Crump, Culp (2), Cunningham, Curtis, Cypert, Daly, Dandridge, Darnall, Darr, Davenport, Davidson, Davies, Davis (6), Dawson, Dean, DeBois, DeJarnette, DeMers, Denison, Denman, Derby, DeWoody, Dibrell, Dicken, Dickinson, Diehl, Dillard, Dillon (2), Dixon, Dobyns, Dodd, Dodge, Donaghey (2), Dooley, Dorente, Douglas (2), Dowdy, Dowell, Downs, Doyne, Drennen, Dreyfuss, Droke, DuBard, Duke (2), DuLaney, Dumas, Duncan, Dunn, Eason, Eaton, Eberle, Echols, Ehrman, Elder, Eller, Ellis (4), Ellsworth, Elsken, Engstrom, Eno, Ervin, Estes, Etheridge, Eubanks, Evans (4), Ewan, Faber, Falls, Faust, Feild (2)Felsenthal (2), Fentress, Ferguson (3), Flennikem, Fletcher (3)(, Floyd, Follensbee, Foltz, Foote, Forbes (2), Forrest, Forsyth, Fort, Foster (2), Fox, Frambers, Frazer, Freyschlag, Frierson (2), Frohlich, Fulk, Fuller, Funk, Futrell, Gallaher, Gann, Gardner, Garner, Garnett, Garrison, Gary, Gates (2), Gaughan, Gaunt, Gean, Geisreiter, George (4), Gibb, Gibbs, Gibson (2), Giger, Gill (3), Gilley, Gingles, Ginocchio, Gladson, Godwin, Goff, Goldstein, Goodloe, Goodwin (3), Gottlieb, Gould, Grabiel, Gracie, Graves (2), Green (5), Greene (2), Greewood, Gregg (2), Gresham, Griswold,  Haizlip, Hale, Hall (6), HalliBurton, Ham, Hamilton (2), Hammock, Hammond, Hampson, Hancock, Hardin, Harding (2), Hardy, Harnwell, Harrel, Harrington, Harris (6), Harrison (6), Hart, Hartshorn, Hattaway, Hawkins, Hawn, Hays, Heagney, Heerwagen, Helm, Hembree, Henderson (2), Hendricks, Hendriks, Henry (5), Hester, Hsterly (2), Hicks, Higgins (2), Hill (2), Hilton, Hiner, Hirst (2), Hodges (2), Hogaboom, Hogan, Hoge, Hogg, Holbrook, Holleman, Hollenberg, Holman, Holmes (2), Holt (3), Holtzendorff, Hon, Hooper, Hoover, Hopper, Hopson, Horan, Horton, Hoskins, House (2), Howard, Huddleston, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Hughes, Hulse, Hummel, Humphrey, Humphreys, HUnn, HUnt (3), Huntington, Hurie, Hurley (3), Hurst, Hutchins, Hutchison, Hutson, Hyten, Ingram, Irby, Irving, Isaacson, Isgrig, Jackson (2), Jacoway, Jarnagin, Jefferies, Jennings, Jernigan, Jewell (2), John, Johnsen, Johnson (5), Johnston (2), Joiner, Jones (4), Juhre, Kavanaugh, Keller, Kelley (2), Kelly, Kelso, Kennedy, Kimbrough, Kinard, Kindley (2), King (5), Kirk, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Klingensmith, Knapp, Kocourek, Kanarour, Koller, Koser, Kraeszig, Krone (2), Kruger, Kyle, lacy, Ladd, La Grone, Lake, Lambert, Landers (2), Lanvoigt, Lane, Langley, Larimore, Laser, Lasker, Latimer, Latta, Lautman, Laws, Lazarus, Leach, Leake, Ledwidge, Lee (4), Leigh, Leiper, Lenehan, Leslie, Levine, Lewis (2), Lick, Lighter, Lile, Limerick, Linder, Lipscomb, Littlefield, Livingston (2), Lochridge, Love, Lowe (2), Lucas, Lind, Lyle, Lyon, McCafferty, McCann, McCarter, McCartney, McClintock, McClure, McCollum (2), McConnell (2), McCormack (2), McCoy, McCrary, McCullars, McDaniel (2), McDonald, McDonnell, McGill (2), McGinty, McHenry, McKee, McKelvey, McKennon (2), McKenzie, McKimmey, McLendon, McLeod (2), McMillan, McMullen, McNalley, McNermer, McQueen, McRae (2),   McReynolds (2), MacQueen, Maddox, Mahony (2), Mallory, Malone, Manees, Manier, Mann, Manning, Maples, Marlin, Marshall, Martin  (6), Mathews, Mathis, Matlock, Matthews (2), Mauck, Maurice, Maxwell (3), Mayes, Mayfield, Meek (2), Meeks, Menard, Miles, Miller (8), Milling, MIlum, Misenhimer, Mitchell, Mock, Moncrief, Montgomery (2), Moore (5), Moorhead, Moose, Morehead, Morgan (2), Morrell, Morris, Morrow, Morton, Mosley, Moulton (2), Murphey, Murphy (2), Murray, Nabers, Natho, Neal, Neel, Neighbors, Nelson, Newman (2), Newton (3), Ney, Nichol (2), Nichols, Niehuss, Nixon, Nolan (2), Norden, Norman (2), Norrell, Norris, Norwood (2), Nunnelley, Ocschle, O'Kelly, Oldham, Oliphant, Oliver (2), O'Neal, Orto, Osborne, Overstreet, Ownbey, Pace, Paddock, Pape, Pappas, Pardee, Parham, Park (2), Parker (2), Parsley, Patrick, Patterson (4), Paul, Peacher, Pearce, Pearson (2), Peay, Peel (3), Penix, Perkins (2), Peters, Petter, Pettie, Pettit, Pettus, Phillips (6), Pierce, Pipkin, Pittman (2), Pope, Porter (2), Powell, Presson, Price (2), Prickett, Priddy, Proctor, Pugh, Pye, Quarles, Ragsdale, Raines (2), Ramey, Ramseur, Ramsey, Randolph, Ransom, Rapley, Ratterree, Rayburn, Read, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Reid (2), Remmel, Renfro, Reynolds (6), Rhoton, Rice (3), Richardson, Richter, Riegler, Rightsell (2), Riley (2), Robbins, Roberts (2), Robertson (2), Rockafellow, Rockwell, Rogers (4), Root, Roots (3), Rorex, Rose, Rosebaum, Ross (3), Rosser, Rossner, Rothstein, Rowland, Royse, Rumph, Runyan, Russell (2), Ryan, Sadler (4), Sallis, Sampie, Sanders (2), Savin, Scarborough, Schaffer, Schlatterer, Schmutz, Scott (5), Searan, Searcy, Sessions, Setzler, Sexton, Shackleford (2), Shaver, Shepherd (2), Sheridan, Shipley, Shirley, Shoffner, Shreve (2), Shuddle, Simmons (3), Sims (2), Sipe, Slaughter, Smiley, Smith (17), Snipes, Snodgrass, Snyder, Somers, Sorrels, Southard, Speer, Spurlin, Stack, Stamps, Stanford, Stanley (2), Steele, Stephens, Sternberg (2), Stevens, Stevenson, Stewrat, Stilwell, Stockton, Stone (2), Stowell, Strachan, Strange, Stratton, Strauss, Street, Stroupe, Stubbs, Stump, Sullins, Sumpter, Swan, Swindler, Sylar, Tadlock, Tapscott, Tarkington, Taylor, Teague, Tennant, Terry (2), Tharp, Thomas (2), Thompson (7), Thornburgh, Tibbits, Tilles, Tillman, Toland, Tomaszewski, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Townley, Townsend (4), Tribble, Trimble, Triplett, Tucker (3), Tunstall, Turner, Tyson, Utley, Vance, Vandover, Van Leer, Van Vilet, Vaughan, Vaughn, Veazey, Vick, Vincent (2), Vines, Vinsonhaler, Waggoner, Wahlquist, Walker (5), Wallace, Waller, Walls, Walt, Walthour, Ward (6), Warmack (2), Warren (2), Wassell, Watkins (5), Watson (3), Watts, Well, Weinman, Welch, Wells, West (4), Westbrook (2), Wharton (3, Wheat, Wheeler, White (3), Ehitlow, Whitmore, Whitten, Whittle, Wilbourn (2), Wilkes (2), Wilkinson, Williams (4), Williamson, Willoughby, Wilson (8), Wimmer, Wingfield, Winham, Winters, Wish, Wittenberg, Wofford, Wplfermann, Womack (2), Wood (6), Woodard, Woodcock, Woods, Woodul, Woodyard, Worthen, Wortz, Wozencraft, Wrape, Yancey, Yantis, Yrbrough, York, Young (2), Zug, and Zumsteg.