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The Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia, 1800-1852. (Volume #1)

By: John Newton Harman, Pub. 1922, Reprinted 2020, 469 pages, NEW INDEX, ISBN #0-89308-955-9.  Until now, this book has been extremely difficult to use for research due to its lack of a through and complete INDEX.  We have created a brand-new FULL NAME Index that contains the names of approximately 11,000 persons.  Tazwell County was formed in 1799 from Wythe and Russell Counties.  This volume contains abstracts of court orders, wills, and deeds; the names of all civil and military officers of the county; all lawyers admitted to the bar; all preachers licensed to celebrate the rites of matrimony and an exact copy of the Tazewell marriage registers from 1800 to 1852; every deed made to churches of all denominations from 1800 to 1922; the names of all Tazewell representatives in the General Assembly of Virginia from 1800 to 1852; and a list of Revolutionary Pensioners.