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St. Joseph Catholic Church, Galveston, Texas, Baptismal, Confirmation, Marriage and Death Records, 1860-1952

By: Galveston County Gen’l Society, Pub. 1984, Reprinted 2018, 272 pages, INDEX, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-344-5.

If you have German ancestors that came to Texas or through Texas to the Midwest, in the mid-1800’s, this book is a MUST.  Many Germans came to the Republic of Texas on German land contracts through the Ports of Galveston and stayed to raise their families.  By 1855, they had been joined by others, making German’s population close to one-half German.  It was at this time that the Catholic Diocese tried to build a church in Galveston so services could be held in German.  This book has confirmations, communions, marriages, births and deaths from 1860 to 1952.  There are approximately 13,500 names in this four-part-book.