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Some Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution


By: Zella Armstrong, Pub. 1933, reprinted 2022, 160 pages, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-089-3.  Even though Tennessee was not formed until after the Revolutionary War, she did have settlers of her current boundaries that show up within the North Carolina Rolls.  This book is based on the Invalid Lists of 1806, which only awarded pensions to those who were disabled by reason of the War and the Pension Lists of 1818, 1832 and 1840.  The reader will discover valuable information on several hundred pensioners within while providing information such as:  name, age, date and place of birth, residence, date of the pension application, service record, names of all family members, and place or places of migration to and from, or within the State of Tennessee. Of special interest, it should be noted that the 1840 Pension List includes widows’ applications. These widows were required to submit proof of marriage and children.  Because of this, their applications provide a rich source of genealogical source material.  This book has data on several hundred Revolutionary War veterans while documenting several thousand related family members.