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Some Records of SUSSEX COUNTY, Delaware, 1676-1699.

By: C.H.B. Turner, Pub. 1909, Reprinted 2021, soft cover, 392 pages, Index, ISBN #978-1-63914-013-8.  Sussex County was created in 1680 and is the southernmost county in the state.  It shares boarders with Maryland and the Atlantic Ocean.  This book has a wide variety of records within, ranging from: civil, court, church and Bible records.  The civil records range from Letters to Petitions to Residents Lists. While the court records cover such things as: Land Grants, Civil Suits, Wills, Administrations and Marriage records.   The Church records cover such things as: Letters, Petitions, Subscriber Lists and Vestry records for St. Peter’s church.  This leaves us to the last type of records:  The Bible records.  Here one will discover a wealth of genealogical information including things like: births, deaths, and marriages.