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Sketches of the First Emigrant Settlers, Newton Township, Old Gloucester County West New Jersey


By: John Clement, Pub. 1877, reprinted 2022, 446 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-037-4. Newton Township is located within Gloucester County which lies on the Delaware River just across from Philadelphia and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania. This area which was known as West New Jersey received her early emigrants from England into the first townships of Salem, Burlington and Newtown. This book gives a thorough biographical sketch of these earliest of pioneers of this area. Surnames of individuals for which sketches are given: Albertson, Bates, Burroughs, Carpenter, Champion, Clements, Cole, Collins, Cooper, Eastlack, Ellis, Estaugh, Gardiner, Gill, Goldsmith, Graysburys, Hillman, Hinchman, Howell, Hugg, Kaighn, Kay, Lippincotts, Matlack, Mathews, Mickle, Morgan, Newbie, Nicholson, Sharpe, Shivers, Spicer, Stacy, Stokes, Thackara, Tomlinson, Turner, Woods, and Zane. The author has included marriages of various individuals for whom have connections with persons from Newton Township: Burlington County 1679-1794 and Salem 1682-1761. The author has also included several maps showing plats of land ownership within the township.