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Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky, Also a Roster of the Virginia Navy.


By: Anderson Chanault Quisenbury, Pub. 1896, Reprinted 1992, 248 pages, Hard Cover, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-480-8.

This volume contains a roll of the officers of the Virginia Line who received Land Bounty Grants; a roll of the revolutionary Pensioners in Kentucky; a list of the Illinois Regiment who served under General George Rogers Clark in N.W. Campaign. Found in this book are those citizens of Kentucky who were granted Revolutionary Pensions to the year 1835 as registered by the Secretary of War. To this list has been appended a list of names of many persons to whom the state of Virginia granted lands on account of Revolutionary services; and also rolls of the soldiers of General George Rogers Clark’s "Illinois Regiment" nearly all of whom settled in Kentucky; and of the Virginia Revolutionary Navy, many of whom also settled there and other descendants of whom are living in the state. The Revolutionary War pensions in Kentucky numbered about 3,000. Some names, but not many (except widows), were added to the list before 1835. Some of the additional names are preserved in Collins’ HISTORY of KENTUCKY, in two volumes, which contains a list of nearly 900 who were still living in the state in 1840.