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Recollections of the Early Settlers of Montgomery County, Alabama and their Families.

By: W.G. Robertson, Pub. 1892, reprinted 2024, 158 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #987-1-63914-235-4.  Montgomery County was created in 1816 from Monroe County.  It is located in the south-central portion of the state.  This book starts with a brief history of the county.  The bulk of this book is devoted to mini biographies of these early settlers that was written from memory of a young man who assisted his father as a 1832 Census Enumerator who had visited every family in the county and later became the Tax Collector.  Surnames of individuals are: Allen, Armistead, Arrington, Ashley (2), Ashurst, Barnett (3), Barton (2), Bellinger, Bibb, Blakey, Bonham, Brown, Bunting, Bullard, Burch, Caffey, Calloway (2), Cleveland, Cowles, Crommelin, Dabney, Daniel, DeYampert, Elsberry, Emerson, Falconer, Forniss, Foster, Frazier, Gilmer (2), Gray, Green, Gunter, Hagerty, Hails, Haynes, Hogan, Holmes, Holt, Jones (2), Lamar, Livingston, Lucas (3), Malloy, Marks, Mastin, Mathews (2), McDade, McGehee, McLemore, Meriwether, Middleton, Mitchel, Moony, Mosley, Oliver, Pinkston (2), Ponder, Porter, Powell, Ray, Robertson, Robins, Ross, Sankey (2), Shackelford, Sledge, Spear, Stone, Talliferro, Taylor (4), Thomas, Underwood, Vickers, Wall, Walters, Ware, Wilkins, Wood, and Young,