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Pittsylvania County, Virginia 1767-1820, Wills of .


By: Lela C. Adams, Pub. 1986, reprinted 2014, 274 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-581-2.

Pittsylvania County was created in 1767 from Halifax County, VA. It was a important migration path for early settlers moving into Tennessee, Georgia and North & South Carolina. Many of her early settlers were from Pennsylvania, including Germans, Quakers, Welch and Scot-Irish. Also many families through out Virginia relocated here from such counties as: Brunswick, Charlotte, Amelia, Prince Edward, and other Tidewater counties. This book contains not only wills of individuals, but also guardians and administrators bonds; bastardy, apprentice, trustees, sheriffs and treasurers bonds, and inventories of estates. The names of approximately 14,500 persons are found in these legal records of this important county.