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Pioneer Women in Texas

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By: Annie Doom Pickrell, Pub. 1929, reprinted 2022, 488 pages, Index, Ebook, ISBN #978-1-63914-264-4. Until the publication of this book, biographies of Texas women were almost non-existent. These biographical sketches have been prepared in the hope of preserving for future generations a correct idea of the lives and characteristics of the women who lived in Texas prior to 1845. The sketches have been woven from facts contributed by descendants or friends of each woman under discussion, and each sketch has been approved by those who have contributed. These biographies are rich in family, social and religious life of frontier Texas. They present a picture of daily pioneer activities, descriptions of homes and clothing, and religious and social activities that show the reader what life in everyday Texas was all about. Surnames of biographies: Askew, Bell, Billingsley, Bolling, Brown (2), Bunton, Burleson (2), Bolling, Caldwell, Carter, Chaffin, Childers, Cloud, Cole, Coulson, Cunningham, Daniels, Dardin, Doom, Duggan, Dyer, Fenn, Fisher, Flack, Gowan, Hamilton (2), Hemphill, Henry, Henderson, Houston (2), Hornsby, Hubert, Jones, Johnson, Kennerly, Kimbrell, Kleberg, Kyle, Linn, Litton, Lungkwitz, McClelland, McCormick, McCrocklin, McMahon, Mitchell, McCoy, Nail, Nichols, Rabb, Rice, Roberts, Rogers, Robertson, Runge, Scott, Sellers, Sevier, Sinks, Smith, Smyth, Thomson, Townsend, Troutman, Vaughn, Waller, Washington, Williams (2), Winfield, Winn, Yoast, and Van Zandt.