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Pioneer Families of Missouri

By: William Bryan and Robert Rose, Orig. Pub. 1876, Reprint 2018, 590 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-478-6.

This book is in 5 parts:  The Life of Daniel Boone; Early Days in Missouri; Histories of Families; Biographies and sketches: Anecdote and Adventures.  Parts one and three are veritable treasure trove, as part one contains a “Life of Daniel Boone” with important authoritative genealogical and historical data about the BOONE and BRYAN families.  Part three contains more or less complete genealogical histories of more than 800 Families which in these FIVE COUNTIES laid the foundation upon which Missouri the Mother-State of the Great West was built.  These five counties which this book deals with are: St. Charles, Warren, Montgomery, Callaway, and Audrain.  The early settlers of these counties came from VA., PA, CT, MS, KY, VT, NC, TN, WV, GA, LA, NJ, MA, SC, & AL.