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Perquimans County, North Carolina, History of.

By: Mrs. Watson Winslow, Pub. 1931, Reprinted 2018, 538 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-975-3.

Perquimans county was formed in 1670 as a precinct from Albemarle County.  It was considered one of North Carolina’s original precincts, with very close ties to Southeastern Virginia counties of: Norfolk, Princess Anne, Nasemond, and Isle of Wight.
  This book is was designed for the family genealogist in mind.  The author has included a wealth of legal records and genealogies for the reader to use that mention approximately 15,000 persons. The records within are: 1792 Tax Lists, 1744 List of House Holders, Rent Rolls prior to 1700, marriages 1669-1856, Petitions 1711-1796, Division of Estates 1770-1811, Deeds 1681-1784, and numerious records concerning the various courts from 1675 to 1754.  The family genealogies cover: Albertson, Arnold, Baker, Barrow, Bartlett, Bateman, Beasley, Bentley, Belman, Blanchard, Blitchenden, Blount, Bundy, Calloway, Charles, Chesson, Clare, Cox, Davis, Draper, Durant, Elliott, Fleetwood, Fletcher, Godfrey, Gordon, Granbery, Gregory, Hollowell, Hoskins, Jacocks, Jessop, Jones, Jordan, Lamb, Lawrence, Layden, Leigh, Lillington, Long, Mauldin, McMullen, Mayo, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Newby, Nicholson, Nixon, Pearson, Perry, Phelps, Pierce, Pritlow-Pricklove, Ratcliffe, Scott, Skinner, Snoden, Speight, Spivey, Sutton, Swann, Toms, Tucker, Waite, Williams, Wilson, Winslow, Wood, Woolard and Wright.