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PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGIES: Chiefly Scotch-Irish and German.

By: William Henry Egle, Orig. Pub. 1886, 806 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-866-8.

This book is a set of genealogies based on 66 families mainly from early Lancaster County, which was one of the original 4 counties of Pennsylvania.  The reader will discover that these genealogies will take these families from the mid 1600’s up to the late 1880’s. The Index for this book has approximately 3,000 entries.  Surnames for the families found within:   Ainsworth, Allen, Alricks, Anderson, Andrews, Awl, Ayres, Barnett, Beatty, Boas, Bomberger, Boyd, Bucher, Byers, Cowden, Craig, Crain, Curtin, Denny, Dixon, Eagley, Egle, Elder, Espy, Ferguson, Fleming, Forster, Fulton, Galbraith, Gray, Gregg, Greenawalt, Gross, Hamilton, Hays, Hoge, Keller, Kendig, Kunkel, Linn, Lobingier, Lyon, Maclay, McCormick, McNair, Muller, Murray, Neville, Orth, Parker, Roan, Robinson, Rutherford, Simonton, Stewart, Swan, Thomas, Wallace, Weir, Wiestling, Wiggins, Wilson, and Wyeth.