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Pendleton District South Carolina, Settlement of the.


By: Frederick Van Clayton, Pub. 1988, Reprinted 2016, 112 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-639-8.

The author prepared this book as part of the requirement for the completion of a Master’s degree, but it remains the most useful reference available on the early settlement of the Pendleton District. After finding 95% of all land grants available to him in the Pendleton District up to 1800 and locating the majority of them on maps, most of these are presented here for the researcher.  The author does an excellent job of ascertaining the origin of the settlements of Pendleton District, with there being two main sources of immigration into the district, namely removal of within the State from south to north and other influxes of moving there from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.  The author also takes people living at various points of South Carolina as found in the 1790 census and shows which of these moved later into Pendleton District, as well as breaking down the names and county of family’s residence of those coming into Pendleton District from North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania and including some Georgia loyalists.  Also contained is a list of boundary land holders who served in the Revolutionary War from South Carolina and received land on the Keowee and Tugaloo Rivers between 1777 and 1800. This book is an excellent source of information on the early settlers of Pendleton District, not only giving the names of these settlers but the number of acres and date received and also telling many of the names of persons who owned adjacent land. This book contains the names of more than 1,320 early settlers of Pendleton District between 1777 and 1800.