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Patrick County, Virginia 1791- Aug. 1800, Abstracts of Order Book “O”.


By: Lela C. Adams, Pub. 1984, 130 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-427-1.

This order book contains brief description of court cases, and in some instances, the names of people involved in court cases that are carried over to another session of the court for disposition. It contains cases of the Commonwealth; grantor and grantee of deeds are listed; surveyors of the roads are names as well as people in the area who happened to work on the roads; lists of people appointed to the militia (officers) and appointments of commissioners, justices of the peace and sheriffs are also found in these records, as well as licenses for people to operate taverns and grist mills; lists of administrators of estates and those who were to inventory the particular estates in question are also found among other valuable information.