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Orange County, North Carolina Deed Books 8 and 9, 1799-1802. (Volume #6)


By: William D. Bennett, Pub. 1991, Reprinted 2019, 162 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-962-1.

Orange county was formed in 1752 from Granville, Johnston, and Bladen counties with Granville having been formed from Edgecombe County. Rowan County was formed from the western boundary of Orange in 1753. Counties formed from Orange were Guildford in 1785; Chatham in 1770 with a small portion of it taken to become part of Wake County in 1770; and in 1771 Caswell County was taken from Orange with Person County taken from Caswell in 1792.  Deeds are GREAT source for genealogical research due to the many and varied family members that are mentioned. Not only will the reader find the deed transaction itself, but often times such things as: occupations, marriages, relinquishment of dower, divisions of family farms among heirs, current and/or former residences, remarriages of widows are just a few of the matters you can anticipate finding within records of deeds.