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Old King William Homes and Families: An Account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County, Virginia, from Its Earliest Settlement


By: Peyton Neale Clarke, Pub. 1897, reprinted 2023, 216 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-107-4.  King William County was created 1702 from King and Queen County.  In 1720 Spotsylvania County was formed from parts of King William, King and Queen, and Essex counties, and in 1727 parts of King William County were carved off to create Caroline County.  This book is divided onto two parts.  The first part gives the names many homes located in the county with a small history of the dwelling, covering such things as: current owner, past owner, description of the building, owner's occupation, and etc...  The second part consists of genealogical sketches of some seventy-five early families and their descendants.  Surnames of these biographies: Allen, Atkinson, Aylett, Baylor, Bolling, Braxton, Brecknock, Brown, Butler, Byrd, Claiborne, Cole, Coleman, Conway, Corr, Dandridge, Dickey, Dunbar, Edwards, Ellett, Fontaine, Fowke, Freeman, Gregory, Griswold, Henry, Hill, Hundley, Johnson, King, Kinkead, Lewis, Lipscomb, Littlepage, Lynn, McElwee, Moncure, Morancy, Neale, Newman, Pemberton, Peyton, Pollard, Quarles, Robins, Robinson, Shawhan, Taliaferro, Tatum, Teackle, Thornton, Trimble, Walker, Waller, and West.  The author also, has included a lengthy history of the Edwards family, the descendants of Ambrose Edwards of Cherry Grove.  The Index mentions approximately 3,000 persons.