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Obituaries from Tennessee Newspapers, 1851-1899.


By: Jill K. Knight, Pub. 1980, reprinted 2014, 476 pages, soft cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-174-4.

This volume contains obituaries and other genealogical information from more than 60 Tennessee and North Alabama newspapers from 1851-1899. Many of these papers are from the author’s personal collection of more than 80 bound sets and cannot be found in the State Library. However, many have been microfilmed. Some newspapers listed are not complete volumes, as often only one or two papers might have survived.  Additional information included is of a genealogical nature is such information that might add to a complete picture of people who lived from 1851-1899. Out-of-State obituaries were often included in these papers. The majority of the obits are for the Civil war period, a time when some counties were occupied by Federal troops and their records were not kept with any regularity.