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North Carolina State Archives: State Agency Finding Aids of Interest to Genealogists, Volume #2


By: William D. Bennett, Pub. 1998, 194 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" soft cover, Index, ISBN #978-1-63914-170-8.  This is the second volume in a series designed to call the attention of researchers to State Agency Records, record collections at the North Carolina State Archives that are often overlooked, or unknown to the researcher.  The Military Collection and the Adjutant General's Papers, along with the Military Papers described in volume 1 contain nearly all the records concerning military activities held by the Archives.  The two remaining major collections of military papers found in State Agency records are the Military Papers found in the Secretary of State Papers and the many petitions found in the General Assembly Session Records describing the petitioners' activities and injuries in various military conflicts.  The Military Collection deals primarily with military conflicts in which North Carolina was involved.  The Adjutant General's Papers provides most of the surviving material on the State's militia from the establishment of the office of Adjutant General in 1808 to the present.  Included are records of units (organized for the Mexican War) that later disbanded because the Federal Officials delayed so long in sending officers to the State to swear-in these troops.  It is also in this collection that one finds the major information concerning the Home Guards formed during the Civil War.  Because so few names are found in the finding aids of this collection, no personal name index has been prepared.  The personal name index in the Military Collection provides over 2,000 citations.