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Men of Mark in GEORGIA, Volume #6


By: William J. Northern, Pub. 1912, reprinted 2023, 588 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-116-6.

This 7-volume set of books is a cover-to-cover set of biographical sketches of men from Georgia.  The fourth volume contains the biographies of nearly a hundred fifty men's stories since the war as illustrated by the men who have been, and are, the leaders of the State's political, professional and industrial life.    No other single publication contains so much biographical material relating to the early men of Georgia during this time period.  Surnames: Allgood, Anderson, Ballard, Ballenger, Bell, Betts, Boone, Bridges, Broadwell, Brown, Bullard, Burden, Bussee, Campbell, Candler, Carithers, Carmichael, Carter, Cary, Caverly, Chandler, Clark, Coleman, Cooledge, Corput, Couch, Daniel (2), DeVaughn, Dewar, Donalson, Dorsey, Dozier, Drake, Duncan, Dunson, Dunwody, English, Ennis, Etheridge, Evans (3), Everett, Fain, Felker, Felton (3), Fish, Fitts, Flynt, Foster, Gantt, Gentry, Grace, Griggs, Hall (2), Hamby, Hand, Hanson, Harman, Harris, Hastings, Hawkins, Hiles, Hillhouse, Holden (2), Hood, Hooper, Hunnicutt, Jackson, Jones, Kirby, Knight, Leigh, Little, Livingston, Mallary, Mathews, Maynard, McAfee, McAuliffe, McCarty, McClure, McDonald (3), McGee, McIntosh, McMaster, McRee, Milner, Moody, Moore, Myrick, Newton, Nicholson, Oliver, Park (2), Patterson, Pattillo, Pendleton, Pennington, Perry, Pottle, Pound, Roberts, Robinson, Roddenberry, Russell, Sanford, Sheffield, Simmons, Smith (3), Steed, Stephens, Stetson, Stevens, Stewart (3), Strickland, Stubbs, Swift, Tate, Taylor, Terrell, Tipton, Traynham, Turnell, Turner, Twiggs, Tye, Van Hoose, Watkins, Wilkinson (2), Williford, Willingham, Wimberly, and Wisdom.