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Marriage, Death & Legal Notices from Alabama Newspapers, 1818-1880.


By: Pauline J. Grandrud, Orig. Pub 1981, reprinted 2008, 728 pages, Hard Cover, Index, ISBN # 0-89308-209-0. 
These newspaper notices listing approximately 30,000 names of persons have been taken from the various volumes of the late Mrs. Gandrud’s 245-volume series on Alabama. The editing and compiling of this book took over two years and should make a very significant contribution to historical and genealogical research in Alabama, and also in neighboring states of GA, SC, NC, LA, TN, VA, MD, IN, OH, NY and MS.

Not only are the more familiar Marriage and Death notices included in these volumes together with dates, places, and names of family members, but also Legal Notices will include such things as the appointment of guardians, coroners’ inquests, wills, and many, many other items too numerous to mention.The papers from which these notices are taken from are as follows: Cahaba Press & Alabama State Intelligencer; The Alabama Sentinel published in Greensboro and Tuscaloosa; Voice of Sumter, Sumter Democrat; Livingston Journal all published in Sumter County, AL.; Montgomery Weekly Mail; Wetumpka Argus and Commercial Advertiser; Wetumpka Argus; Gainesville News; Selma Times; Cahaba Gazette; Shelby Guide; The Tuscumbian; Tuscumbia Telegraph; papers from the Tuscaloosa area: Tuscaloosa Telegraph and Patriot, The Democrat Gazette& Flag of the Union, The Republican Banner, Tuscaloosa Times, Tuscaloosa Observer, Northport Spectator; The Jackson Republican. Huntsville and Madison County papers are: Huntsville Advocate, North Alabama Reporter, Huntsville Democrat, The Democrat, Mercury, New South, Argus, Huntsville Republican, Huntsville Confederate, Huntsville Independent, Southern Advocate. Other miscellaneous Alabama papers are: the Choctaw County News, Wilcox County News, Monroe Journal, and Clark County Democrat. Tennessee papers with Alabama data are: Knoxville Register, Knoxville Enquirer, The Post (Knoxville), Memphis Eagle, Nashville Whig, Nashville Whig and the Tennessee Advister, Nashville Republican, The Nashville Union. Other papers with Alabama material are: The Raleigh, N.C. Register, The Richmond, VA. Enquirer and National Intelligancer (DC).  The major papers for which notices can be found are the Huntsville papers, Limestone County newspapers, Northport, Tuscaloosa, Cahaba, Demoplis, Selma, Sumter, Montgomery, Wetumpka, and other "Black Belt" county papers.