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By: Judge Folks Huxford, Pub. 1989, reprinted 2005, 464 pages, Hard Cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-655-X.

The 18 different newspapers from which these marriage & obituaries come from cover the years 1787-1884 in varying times & formats with no one paper covering the entire time frame. Even though these newspapers come from: Baldwin, Bibb, Chatham, Hancock, Hart, Jefferson, McIntosh and Richmond counties along with 2 newspapers from Washington D.C. and Boston, Mass., this book should be considered a State-Wide reference source. Since these entries do not only pertain to the above mentioned counties but to neighboring ones as well. In the early days of pioneer development of the State, there were very few newspapers in existence. So, the ones that did exist would cover an extremely large area and people would travel far & wide to have their marriages and obituaries put in. On many instances these entries are like mini-biographies, naming several generations of family members, occupations, births, residents, etc.....