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(MAPS 1790-1920) The Formation of Tennessee Counties.


By: Austin P. Foster, Pub. 1923, Reprinted 1989, 124 pages, maps, Hard Cover, index, ISBN #0-89308-239-2.

The book is arranged alphabetically by county in 3 sections for the 3 major divisions of Tennessee, viz East Middle, and West. Data is given on the information of each county and the counties from which each was formed with dates and other pertinent data which will greatly assist the researcher in learning more about the formation and growth of Tennessee’s 95 counties and will assist the Genealogist in his research.  A series of maps have been added to this reprint. These important maps present modern county boundaries as they exist in each of the federal censuses from 1790 through 1920. Then, on each of these maps the old county boundary lines are superimposed over the modern ones to highlight the boundary changes at ten-year intervals. These maps are extremely helpful in researching the state of Tennessee for the periods given as most counties underwent many and varied boundary changes.