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Lists of SWISS EMIGRANTS in the Eighteenth Century to the AMERICAN COLONIES


By: Albert B. Faust and Gaius M. Brumbaugh, Pub. 1920 & 1925, reprinted 2023, 424 pages, (2 Vols. in 1), 2 Indexes, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-139-5.  

This is considered the definitive work on Swiss emigration to the Carolinas and Pennsylvania in the 18th century. Volume I identifies approximately 2,000 emigrants from the Canton of Zurich during the period 1734-1744, while volume II covers emigrants from Bern (1706-1795) and Basel (1734-1794).  Data to be found within these two volumes:  age, date of birth or baptism, trade, name of wife, names of children, and place of origin and destination along with copies and transcriptions of letters, diaries, memoranda, and various other historical and personal documents.