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Lincoln County, Tennessee 1828-1834, Land Deed Genealogy of. ( Vol. #3 )


By: Helen & Timothy Marsh, Pub. 1996, 238 pages, Hard Cover, Index, ISBN #0-89308-237-6.

These volumes are the latest a series of books of source material taken from the legal records of this Middle Tennessee County. Lincoln County was formed from Indian lands in 1809. From the year 1799, with the formation of Williamson County, Tennessee, the most western third of what was to become Lincoln County in 1809, was then a part of Williamson County, and so until 1807 the eastern two thirds of the area was a part of Rutherford County. And from Dec. 3, 1807, until Nov. 14, 1809, Lincoln was the southern half of Bedford County.  Each volume is filled with family genealogical material, giving names, dates, places, and early land grants contained in all deeds recorded in the Register’s Office. These are companion volumes to the other books on Lincoln County that the Marsh’s have compiled. These are a definite must if you are researching family members in this part of Tennessee.  Deeds are GREAT source for genealogical research due to the many and varied family members that are mentioned. Not only will the reader find the deed transaction itself, but often times such things as: marriages, relinquishment of dower, divisions of family farms among heirs, remarriages of widows are just a few of the matters you can anticipate finding within records of deeds.