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Land Claims in the Eastern District of the Orleans Territory.


By: Walter Lowrie, Editor, Orig. Pub. 1834, reprinted 1986, 160 pages, Index. ISBN #0-89308-582-0.

When the Louisiana Purchase took place in 1803, only two territories were immediately formed - the Louisiana and Orleans territories. An act of congress in 1812 provided that the territory heretofore called Louisiana should hereafter be called Missouri. The southern portion of the territory of Missouri became the Territory of Arkansas in 1819, and the northern portion became the state of Missouri in 1821. The Territory of Orleans became the state of Louisiana in 1812.  In these records the original proprietor is named, by whom the land is presently being claimed, reason for change of title (purchase or inheritance), nature and extent of claim, and, if the claim was disallowed, the reasons for disallowance.