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Johnson County, Kentucky: A History of the County and Genealogy of Its People Up to the Year 1927


By: Mitchell Hall, Pub. 1928, reprinted 2021, 556 pages, soft cover, ISBN #978-1-63914-044-2. Located within the Big Sandy Valley, Johnson County was formed in 1844 from: Floyd, Lawrence and Mason Counties. This book is similar to other history books of the era with such topics being discussed: English colonists, early settlement, government, local customs, geology, education, religion, industrial and etc.... The author has loaded this book with wide variety of genealogical information such as: 1925 & 1890 Tax List; 1837 Tax List of Floyd County; A list of early residents from 1844 to 1848 which were pulled from the 1st court order book; 1793 Tax List of Mason County; a map of pioneer trails from the Carolinas and Virginia into the Big Sandy Valley; Kentucky Land Grants and Entries affecting Eastern Kentucky and Johnson County, various lists of county officials and men serving in WWI; a list of Revolutionary soldiers from Mason, Floyd & Johnson counties showing name, date of pension, number of court order book, along with page number; and other items of interest.