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Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas, 1822-1874


By: John Henry Brown, Orig. Pub. 1880, Reprinted 2020, 1110 pages, NEW INDEX, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-120-5.  This book is a MUST for the student of Texas history and especially for students of early American Indians and the wars fought between them and the white man.  It begins with the Cherokee Indians and their 12 Associate Bands; from this early beginning it goes into the Cherokee and Tehuacana Fight of 1830; the first settlement in Gonzales in 1825 and its attack by Indians in 1826; the Battle of San Saba in 1831; scalping of Wilbarger and the death of Christian and Strother in 1833; attempted settlement of Beale's Rio Grande Colony in 1834; Fall of Parker's Fort in 1836; break-up of Bell County in 1836; Erath's Fight; Texas Independence; Cordova's rebellion, 1838-9; and page after page of detailed and exciting early history of Texas and the West.  One of the most important aspects of this volume are the Biographical Sketches of over 536 individuals and their family history, with the names of over 6,500 other individuals.