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History of Union County, Kentucky

By: Evansville Bindery, Pub. 1886, Reprinted 2019, 920 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-896-X.

Union County was created in 1811 from Henderson County, KY.  It lies in the western portion of the state bordering Gallatin County, Illinois and Posey County, Indiana along the Ohio River.  This book is similar to other books of this era as it discusses the same topices such as: commerce, agriculture, transportation, education and religion.  All of which are important to the development of the county.  But the genealogists will find extremely exciting are the early marriages 1811-1825, Lists of Ex-Confederate soldiers, Lists of ex-Union Soldiers and the hundreds of biographial sketches of these earlier citizens that are intersperced throughout the book.  Genealogies to be found: Acker (2), Adams, Allen (2), Alloway, Alton (2), Ames (3), Anderson, Arnold, Bailey, Baker (2), Ball, Barkley, Baumert, Below, Berlen, Berry (3), Bishop (2), Blanford, Blue (2), Boettger, Bowden, Bowen (2), Bradburn (2), Brinson, Brooks (2), Brown (3), Buckham, Buckman, Butler, Calmes (2), Cambron, Campbell, Cannon, Carter, Case, Casey (3), Cassell, Chapeze, Chapman (2), Christian, Cissell, Coffey, Coleman (2), Collins, Conn (2), Conway, Cowan, Cox, Crabb, Crews, Cronin, Crutcher, Culver (2), Curry, Davenport, Davies, Davis (4), Delaney, Detraz (2), Dillon, Dixon, Dodge, Dooley, Duplin, Durbin, Durick, Duval (2), Drury, Dyer (4), Eberley, Finnie (3), Flournoy, Foor, Freeman, Fuller, Gardner, Geiger (2), Givens (2), Goad, Graham (2), Grainger, Greenfield, Griffin, Griger, Griggs (2), Gunn, Hackett, Hall, Ham, Hammack (3), Hammock, Hamner (3), Hancock, Harding, Hardisty, Hardwick, Harman, Harris (3), Hartfield (3), Harth (2), Haynes (3), Henry, Henshaw, Hite, Hogarty, Holeman, Holt (2), Howell, Hughes (4), Huston, James (2), Jenkins, Johnson, Jones (6), Kattan, Kaufman, King, Kuykendall, Lamb (2), Laudemen, Leibenguth, Lilly, Lindle (3), Lineback, Lockett, Lockhart, Long (3), Love, Luckett, Lynn, Manning, Maraman, Markham, Marshall (2), Mart, Martin (4), Mattingley (2), McElroy (2), McGill, McHenry, McJilton, McLeskey, McMican, McMurray (3), Menifee, Millet, Mitchell (2), Mobley, Moorehead, Morton, Muir, Neal, Newman (2), Noggler (2), Offutt, O’Leary, O’Mallry (2), O’Nan (2), Omer, Oglesby, Omer, Overby, Owen, Payne, Perkins, Perrine, Petrie, Phillips, Pierson, Pike (2), Platt, Posey, Powell (4), Prentice, Preston, Reasor, Rehm, Rhea (4), Rice, Richards, Riddle, Roberts (3), Robertson (3), Rose (2), Rudy, Seitz, Sellars, Shanks, Shelley, Shirran, Shoemaker, Sigler (3), Simpson (2), Skinner, Smith (4), Southerland, Spalding (2), Spencer, Springer, Squires, Stone (2), Sturgis,  Suggs (2), Syers, Talbot, Tate, Taylor (7), Thomas, Thompson (2), Towels, Trumbo, Turner, Underwood, Vize, Waggener, Walker (2), Wall (3), Wallace (2), Waller (2), Wathen (2 (2)), Wells, Whitecotton, Whitehead, Willett (4), Williams (4), Wilson (2), Wimsatt, Winston, Wolflin, Woodard, Wooler, Wright, Wynn, Yates, Young (4).