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History of the Old Cheraws. (With:) Addenda Comprising Additional Facts Concerning the Eight PEE DEE Counties and Sketches of the Persons for Whom They are Named.


By: Alexander Gregg, Orig. Pub. 1867, Reprinted 2004, 704 pages, New Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-448-4.

History of the Old Cheraw District of South Carolina and of the settlement of the territory now part of the eight Pee Dee counties of Chesterfield, Darlington, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Marlboro, and Williamsburg from their first settlement in the 1730’s down to about 1810, with lists of early land grantees and genealogical NOTICES OF EARLY FAMILIES AND SKETCHS of individuals. Some of the families dealt with in this volume are: Allison, Auld, Bacot, Baxter, Bedgegood, Bedingfield, Benton, Bethea, Blakeney, Brockington, Buckholdt, Carlisle, Carter, Chapman, Coker, Coxe, Craig, Crawford, Crosland, Dabbs, Daniel, Dargen, Dewitt, DuBose, Edwards, Ellerbe, Evans, Falconer, Gibson, Gillispie, Godbald, Godfrey, Gregg, Grice, Harllee, Harrington, Hart, Hewstiss, Hicks, Hodge, Hunter, Irby, James, Lide, Luke, Kershaw, Kolb, McCall, McIntosh, McIver, Mikell, Murphy, (Murfee), Parker, Pawley, Pearson, Pegues, Pledger, Pouncy, Powe, Pugh, Quick, Rogers, Saunders, Smith, Sparks, Spencer, Steward, Strother, Sweeney, Terrell, Thomas, Wilds, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Witherspoon, Youngblood, and Zimmerman.