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History of Tennessee - Illustrated: The General History.

By: Goodspeed Publishing Company, Pub. 1887, Reprinted 2020, 870 pages, NEW FULL NAME Index, ISBN #0-89308-123-X.  This is the general or historical portion of probably the Rarest and MOST VALUABLE set of books ever published on the state of Tennessee and its early families.  This book is the missing 796 pages that originally appeared front of all 16 Tennessee Illustrated books by Goodspeed Publishing Company.  Like most works of this kind, this edition contains a history of the state with its ties to early Tennessee; these are followed by varying appendices one of which contains a listing of both Federal and Confederate troops in service from Tennessee.  This is an extremely detailed and complete history of the state covering such things as: The Mound Builders and the age of the Mounds, The Natchez, the Pioneers and Pioneer Days, The Indian Tribes throughout the State, Earliest Indian Occupation, French Trading Stations, Spanish Influence, The Settlement of Tennessee from the First Settlements of Tennessee including Brown’s Settlement to Daniel Boone to Washington County, North Carolina, Affairs on the Cumberland to the settlement of Western TN, early Politics and extension of Frontier lines, The First Census (1795) of Tennessee, Tennessee’s part in the Revolutionary War, Mexican War, the Seminole War, War of 1812 along with the Battle of Wahoo Swamp.  Even a list of Troops sent to Mexico, there is considerable amounts of information and data on Tennessee’s involvement in the Civil War, Tennessee’s Federal Military History during the Civil War along with-it Confederate’s History, Slavery, Biographical Sketches of: Blount, Bell, Brownlow, Carroll, Crocket, Forrest, Grundy, Haywood, Houston, Jackson, Johnson, Polk, Robertson, Sevier, White, and Zollicoffer.  The NEW FULL NAME Index for this reprint has approximately 4,500 entries.