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History of Spartanburg County, South Carolina

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By: John B. O. Landrum, Pub. 1900, reprinted 2023, 543 pages, Index, Ebook, ISBN #9787-1-63914-278-1.  A native of the Piedmont section of South Carolina, Dr. J.B.O. Landrum wrote the History of Spartanburg County as a continuation of his Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina.  This reprint reproduces the original 1900 edition and covers the period from the organization of the county in 1785 to the Civil War.  Over 100 family sketches and more than 125 portraits make this volume of primary interest to the genealogist.  Names of families included in these sketches are: Allen, Amos, Anderson, Archer, Ballenger, Barry, Benson, Berwick, Bishop, Blake, Blassingame, Bomar, Bowden, Brockman, Brown, Burke, Burnett, Caldwell, Calvert, Camp, Cannon, Carlisle, Carpenter, Chapman, Choice, Clarke, Cleveland, Cofield, Compton, Crocker, Dean, Douglass, Drummond, Duncan, Earle, Edwards, Elford, Evins, Ezell, Farley, Farrow, Fielder, Fleming, Foster, Griffith, Hampton, Harris, Henneman, High, James, Jordan, Judd, Kennedy, Kilgore, Lake, Lanford, Landrum, Lee, Legg, Lipscomb, Martin, Mason, McCullough, McDowell, McMillen, Monk, Montgomery, Moore, Nesbitt, Nicholls, Odel, Pendleton, Petty, Poole, Reid, Richardson, Rowland, Rudisail, Russell, Sloan, Smith, Snoddy, Switzer, Thomas, Thompson, Trimmier, Tucker, Turner, Vernon, Walker, Westmoreland, Wilkins, Wilmot, Wilson, Wingo, Winsmith, Wofford, Wood, Woodruff, and Zimmerman.  The first census of Spartanburg County taken in 1790, estimates the population at 8,800, and the heads of families residing in the area at the time are listed.  Included also are the names of all the Spartanburg men who served in the Civil War, with the names of battle for those killed or wounded.  Although it also contains descriptions of the textile industry, churches, schools, and politics, this work is mainly an aid to family history and contains much valuable genealogical material.