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History of Randolph County, West Virginia

By: Dr. A.S. Bosworth, Pub. 1916, Reprinted 2019, 450 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-902-8.

Randolph County was formed in 1787 from Harrison County.  This book is a detailed history of the county starting out with the pioneer era then moving to the creation of the county starting with its inclusion in Harrison County.  It moves into data concerning land records from Patents, Land Entries, and Conveyances.  The author has included chapters covering the roads of the county, Education, Civil War Period, Various Laws concerning the county and commerce.    Then the reader will discover that almost half of this book is devoted to biographical sketches / genealogies of the following families and individuals:  Addison, Arnold, Arbogast, Armentrout, Armstrong, Baker, Ball, Barlow, Barnard, Barron, Bennett, Bent, Bosworth, Booth, Bond, Bogard, Buffington, Blarir, Buckey, Butcher, Brown (2), Caplinger, Carr, Crouch, Collett, Chaffey, Channell, Crickard, Cobb, Coff, Conner, Corder, Curtis, Cassity, Connolly, Chenoweth, Clingerman, Crawford, Coberly, Corley, Cowger, Conrad, Cunningham (2), Curry, Currence, Daniels, Dann, Darden, Davis, Dean, Dilworth, Doerr, Downs, Dulaney, Earle, Eberly, Eberman, Elkins, Ellis, Elza, Elder, Evans, Fisher, Fitzwater, Friend, Ferguson, Fowler, Gainer, Gandy, Gear, Gibson, Goddin, Godwin, Goff, Greynolds, Hansford, Harding, Harmon, Harper, Hart, Haigler, Haymond, Haddan, Harris, Hedrick (3), Hicks, Hinchman, Hornbeck, Howell, Hutton, Isner, Jackson, Keenan, Keer, Keim, Kildow, Kimmell, Kittle, Knaggs, Kump, Kyle, Lantz, Levitt, Lloyd, Logan, Long, Lough, Lucas, Manning, Marshall, Marteny, Martin, Marstiller, Maxwell, McCollum, McLaughlin,  McLean, McQuain, Miller (2), Moore, Morgan, Morrison (2), Mullenix (2), Neal, Nestor, Parrish, Pedro, Pennington, Phares, Pickens, Poling, Potts, Pritt, Probst, Quick, Rains, Riffle, Ringer, Rooney, Rosencranse, Rowan, Roy, Russell, Ryan, Schoonover, Scott, See, Seitz, Shaffer, Skidmore, Simmons, Smith (2), Snyder, Sutherland, Strader, Stalnaker, Strum, Sturms, Swecker, Talbott (2), Tallman, Taylor, Teter (4), Thomas, Trembly, Triplett, Tuning, Tyre, Tyree, Updike, Wamsley, Ward, Warthen, Warwick, Weese, Weimer, Weir, Westfall, Weymouth, Whetzel, White, Wilson (2), Wilt, Whitman, Wilmoth, Woolwine, Wymer (2), and Yokum.