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History of Monroe County, West Virginia

By: Oren Morton, Pub. 1916, Reprinted 2019, 556 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-024-1.

Monroe county was created in 1799 from Greenbrier County, WV.  Which in turn was created out of Botetourt, VA and in turn from Augusta County, VA.  It lies in the southeastern corner of the state boarding Virginia.  This book begins with a detailed history of the county covering such topics as: creation of the county, geography, Indians, religion, towns & villages, agriculture, slavery, its involvement in various wars, the Militia system & its officers' and miscellaneous other data.  The reader will also discover that the author has included abstracts of Greenbrier record books and petitions for 1780- 1800 and Monroe County for 1799-1860.  Also surveys and patents under Augusta, VA. Botetourt, VA., and Greenbrier County, WV Along with early land conveyances mostly under Greenbrier County, WV. 1786-1815.  Approximately 25% of this book is devoted to biographical sketches of 292 early settlers of the county.