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History of Jackson County, Missouri.

By: William Z. Hickman, Pub. 1912, Reprinted 2018, 990 pages, New Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-680-0.  This rare, long-out-of-print book on the history of Jackson County, Missouri is probably the most complete and authentic history ever compiled on Jackon County. Jackson County was created in 1826 and sits on western side of the state boarding Kansas. It is filled with hundreds of family sketches tracing in many cases the Biographies and his family for several generations, sometimes back into the late 1700's and in many cases telling where the family lived before settling in Jackson County. This book provides a veritable goldmine of information on many of the early families of Jackson County and is a "MUST BOOK" for anyone with roots in this county or area.  The NEW INDEX that was prepared for this reprint edition mentions approximately 14,000 persons.