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Hart County, Georgia, History of

By: John W. Baker, Pub. 1935, Reprint 2019, 440 pages, Index, 0-89308-933-8.

Hart County was created in 1853 from Franklin and Elbert Counties.  It lies in the Northeastern portion of the state.  It sits on the Savannah River that separates Georgia from Old 96 and Abbeville Districts, South Carolina.  Contents of this book start out with a detailed pre-formation of the county and its formation going into such things as: Militia Districts, towns, transportation, religion, politics, lists of Muster Rolls from the C.S.A and other items important to the development of the county.  But more importantly, approximately 2/3rds of this book are devoted to genealogies of the following families or individuals: Ayers, Bailey, Barron, Benson, Black, Bobo, Bowers, Brown (3), Burton, Carnes, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Cleveland, Cobb, Cornog, Craft, Dooley, Dyar, Fisher, Flemming (2), Gibson, Glover, Gordon, Hall, Harbour, Hart, Haynes, Herndon, Hodges (2), Holland, Hunt, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kay, Ledbetter (2), Looney, Magill, Maret, Matheson, McCurry (4), McDonald, McMullen, Myers (2), O’Barr, Parker (8), Patterson, Pearman, Peek (2), Poole, Redwine, Richardson, Sadler, Sanders (3), Skelton (2), Stephenson, Stowers (2), Teasley, Thornton, Tyler, Vernon, White (2), Williams, and Wright.