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Elbert County, Georgia, 1790-1935, History of.


By: John H. McIntoh, Pub. 1940, Reprint 2019, 676 pages, Index, 0-89308-871-4.

Elbert County was formed in 1790 from Wilkes County.  It lies in the Northeastern portion of the state along the Savannah River just across from Anderson and Abbeville Counties, South Carolina.  The first settlers started arriving in the area from Virginia and the Carolinas and continued on as land grants were being issued from service in the Revolutionary War.  The first third of this book is a traditional history of the era with topics such as: Indians, creation of the county, politics, religion, involvement in various Wars, Commerce, and etc...  But the genealogists will savior over the next two thirds of this book with such things as: Lists of early residents, abstracts of Deeds, Lists of original Land Warrants, Lists of Revolutionary soldiers and their widows, Muster Rolls of Confederate soldiers from Elbert County, Lists of soldiers who died from Elbert County in the Civil War, Lists of Old Graves in Elbert County, abstracts of early Wills and Administrations, and Marriage records 1803-1850.  The author has also included Biographical Sketches on: Adams, Allen, Allgood, Alston, Arnold, Banks, Barnett, Blackwell, Brewer, Brown, Butler, Cade, Carpenter, Carlton, Carter (2), Christian, Clark/Clarke (2), Cleveland, Crawford, Conwell, Darden, Deadwyler, DuBose, Eberhardt, Eavenson, Fortson, Goolsby, Hailey/Haley, Hall, Hammond, Hansard, Haynes, Heard, Henry, Herndon, Higginbotham, Hudson, Hunt, Jones, Key, Lanier, LeGrand, marks, Mathews, Maxwell, McIntosh/Mackintosh, McMillan, Middleton, Oliver, Rice, Stark, Swift, Thornton, Wall, Walthall, Webb, Wilhite, Willis, Woolridge, Worley, and Wyche.  The Index that was completed for this reprint contains names of over 16,500 individuals.